Allowing organisations and teams to fully analyse and benchmark data.

The RD Dash allows organisations and teams to fully analyse and benchmark data, as well as being able to download their reports from their own dashboard. Benchmarking data is included within all reports or dashboard and includes:

  • Site and service specific data
  • Corporate data
  • National organisations data

Benefits of the reporting platform for centres and teams include:

  • Real time reports that give instant visibility of:
    • Individual centres and teams
    • Group of centres and teams
    • National comparison
  • Real time benchmarking data, which will be updated with every report that has been approved
  • The ability for CEO’s and contractor leads to view and compare results across their whole estate, region or contract and compare against national averages

Reports give instant visibility of key performance indicators from a wide range of reporting components, including the use of visual aids such as photographs. A variety of charts, pivot tables, KPI widgets, and tabular view components build up the dashboards allowing the drilling down into data insight needs.

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