Good procedures help to deliver an effective service. Fact.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is all about good procedures. It helps organisations to develop and implement effective procedures in order to deliver a robust service to customers.

Right Directions’ QMS will…

  • Help you develop short and long-term strategies
  • Establish a positive culture with greater ownership throughout your organisation
  • Implement effective, streamlined management processes and systems, involving managers and staff from the outset
  • Set immediate and clear direction on continuing standards
  • Help prepare you for future development

QMS services we can offer include:

  • QMS implementation and review
  • Archiving records, re-organising filing, installation and management of IMS/QMS filing
  • Quality audits (these can be procedure or Quest-based)
  • Fitness and sales audits
  • Quest test drives
  • Unannounced assessment/audit visits
  • Mystery visits (including leisure expert and sales) and telephone calls
  • Client monitoring support
  • Performance reviews, including chair review meetings in which we discuss audits and manage the quality system, updating procedures and distribution
  • Performance benchmarking reports (with analysis against corporate and national data)
  • Installation of corporate central filing system
  • Provision of operational manuals for areas such as environmental, crèche, human resources, arts and heritage, and technical
  • Client forums

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