Transgender Awareness Workshop – “Preventing Trans Discrimination at Work”

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Transgender Awareness Workshop – “Preventing Trans Discrimination at Work”

Delivered face to face or virtually

1 Hour Workshop: “Preventing Trans Discrimination at Work”

This short workshop gives a very sincere appreciation of what it is like to be trans and the participants will leave with actionable ideas for preventing trans discrimination in their workplace.

It can be delivered to any size of audience, but we recommend a maximum number of 20 people for maximum involvement.

The content consists of the following sections:

  • My Long Walk to Womanhood (raw, emotional, educational, and humorous story of my transgender journey, mixed with explanations of all things trans)
  • Why is trans awareness training needed? (Includes examples of cases where employers have got it wrong)
  • Group discussion on ideas to help prevent trans discrimination in the workplace (interactive)

Client rate: £950.00 + expenses (if applicable)
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Comments and testimonials:

“The trans awareness workshop with Katie made a lasting impact and impression on the team. Many have said that it was the most exciting training in years. They said that they had thought about it afterwards and would like a follow-up for further discussion. I would 100% recommend Katie to others.”

– Katrin Terwiel, Vice President Diversity & Global Talent, Deutsche Telekom

“Katie is a phenomenal speaker and trainer. She creates a safe space for open dialogue and learning as she blends thought-provoking content with humour and warmth. Katie uses her personal story with such generosity and openness it is impossible not to feel totally engaged – which creates such rich conversation and teases people out of their shells to ask questions. A three-hour session flew by!”

Jamie Scotto, People & Culture Advisor – HR at UnLtd


How to book and pay:

When booking the training, your details will be passed onto our training partner, BMR, to process and send you a further communication. Payment for this training will be processed directly through BMR Health and Wellbeing.


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