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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is shaping policies and practices not only in IT, but throughout virtually every department in organisations across the world. This course will explain the GDPR in simple terms, equipping you to make effective decisions and collaborate with GDPR compliance officers to ensure your business is toeing the line.


GDPR compliance is essential not only for avoiding significant fines, but also maintaining the confidence of clients and stakeholders.




The course covers the following topics (Guided Learning Time is 2 hours):


  • Introduction to the GDPR
    • Personal Data
    • Processing
    • Controllers, Processors, and Data Subjects
    • The Information Commissioner’s Office
  • Understand the principles of GDPR
    • Principle 1: Lawfulness, Fairness, and Transparency
    • Principle 2: Purpose Limitation
    • Principle 3: Data Minimisation
    • Principle 4: Accuracy
    • Principle 5: Storage Limitation
    • Principle 6: Integrity and Confidentiality
    • Principle 7: Accountability
  • Understand how personal data is used
  • Your responsibilities
  • How GDPR has been implemented
  • Understand how to report data breaches


Assessment Method:

20 multiple choice questions


Course aim:

By the end of this course delegates should understand key areas of data protection such as handling requests, data sharing, information security, personal data breaches and records management.


Who is the course designed for?

This GDPR training is suitable for anyone who has responsibility for implementing GDPR-compliant processes in their organisation. The course is designed for all services that use or hold personal data.


How is the course presented?

Each module has an accompanying worksheet for candidates to complete alongside the voiced presentations, module descriptions and a selection of animated/ factual videos.


Will I get a certificate?

A certificate will be emailed directly to you upon completion of a multiple-choice assessment.


If you would like to enrol more than 20 delegates, please contact

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