Fire Marshal Course – ON DEMAND TRAINING

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The course covers the following topics (Guided Learning Time is 2 hours):


1. Fire Awareness
What you need to make a fire
The fire triangle
How fire spreads


2. Proactive Fire Precautions
Preventing and reducing fire risk
Hazards in the workplace
Managing potential ignition sources
Managing flammables and combustibles
Fire exits and signage
Risk assessments
Fire action plans
Additional help during evacuations


3. Reacting to a Fire
Raising an alarm
Calling the emergency services
Assembly points
Stop, drop and roll


4. Fire Fighting Equipment
Classifications of fire
Other firefighting equipment


Assessment Method:

20 multiple choice questions


Course aim:

By the end of this course delegates should understand incidents involving fire, key legislation applicable to fire in non-domestic premises and work activities that could involve fire, the basic components of fire, how fire spreads, the ways fires are classified in the UK, how fires can be prevented, types and uses of fire extinguishers, risk assessment, fire safety arrangements and the key roles and responsibilities of the Fire Marshal.

The course aims to give delegates an awareness of the dangers associated with fire and the practical steps that can be taken to minimise and control the risks that fire presents.


What information was used to create the course content and how do we know its factual/correct?

The content has been written by experienced leisure professionals and takes into consideration guidance from regulatory bodies.


Who is the course designed for?

The course has been designed for EVERYONE working or volunteering within the leisure, sport or recreation sector including Lifeguards, General Managers, Receptionists, Court Monitors, Coaches, Fitness Instructors, Personal Trainers, Sales Advisors, Marketing Managers… the list is endless.


How is the course presented?

Each module has an accompanying worksheet for candidates to complete alongside the voiced presentations, module descriptions and a selection of animated/ factual videos.


Will I get a certificate?

A certificate will be emailed directly to you upon completion of a multiple-choice assessment.


If you would like to enrol more than 20 delegates, please contact

Once registered you will receive log-in details from to access the course.

For Group Bookings, all individual delegates must be registered with their own individual valid email address in order to receive the link.

Please note, it will take up to 72 hours after registration for you to receive your log-in details.