Menopause in the Workplace – Champion Training

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Menopause in the Workplace – Champion Training                                                 

Why train in menopause support in the workplace?

Supporting menopause at work is the right thing to do, both for organisations and colleagues. It helps to retain talent within an organisation and create an inclusive, supportive work environment. Colleagues’ wellbeing is placed centre stage, showing that an organisation is a great place to work, and in turn changing lives for the better today and for generations to come.

Menopause can affect people differently and for those who experience symptoms, it can be a huge relief to know their employer will support them.

Although things are improving, stigma still exists around menopause.

What employers can do is what you’d expect of any employer who wants to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. This starts with creating the environment to talk about menopause openly and without embarrassment.


Who are Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace?

Henpicked: Menopause in the Workplace are the leading providers of menopause in the workplace training and education. Our training makes it easy for attendees to understand menopause and the impact it can have at work. Learning what support makes the biggest difference and the important role that can be played by Menopause Champions, Managers and HR teams.


Course feedback:

“After more than two years of virtual trainings and seminar sessions, this one really stood out – very informative and clearly communicated.”

“My feedback for this session as a man and a manager is to completely agree that this should be mandatory for ALL people managers, I was completely uneducated before and now feel like I have an enough of an understanding to continue educating myself and have any conversations with my team in the future.”

“Really informative with a good mix of reassurance and potential actions.”


Menopause Champion Training

Menopause Champion Training delivered online.

This session focuses on the role of the Menopause Champion in supporting menopause at work. This could be for Menopause Champions, Mental Health First Aiders, Wellbeing Champions or others in a similar role.

The aim of this session is to enable you to understand about the menopause, what changes happen and its symptoms, think about the different ways of managing them and signpost help and support to enable colleagues experiencing menopause to make informed choices. Participants will also gain practical skills in how to spot signs of someone struggling with menopause symptoms, the potential impact on their mental health and build confidence to have supportive conversations when needed.


What will I learn?

Learning takes place through an interactive online session including takeaway resources to enhance learning.


Learner outcomes:

  • Understanding why we need to be talking about menopause, especially in the workplace
  • Knowing what menopause is, why it happens and when it may happen
  • Recognising and understanding possible menopause symptoms
  • Exploring different approaches to managing menopause and where to access/signpost factual information
  • Understanding how to help someone get the support they need
  • Knowing how to access a toolkit of additional resources to support managing menopause
  • Gaining practical skills in how to spot signs of someone struggling with menopause symptoms and the build the confidence to have supportive conversations when needed.
  • Discussing how you can help open up the conversation around menopause within your workplace and how the organisation can further support menopause.
  • For Mental Health First Aiders – using skills and tools gained i.e. ALGEE to support good conversations and support around menopause at work.


Resources included:

  • Managing Your Menopause Information Pack for colleagues
  • Menopause Champion workbook
  • Menopause Facts poster


Course Dates:

Please see below the following scheduled course dates for the Menopause in the Workplace – Champion Training:

15/5/2024 10am – 12.30pm Online
12/6/2024 2pm – 4.30pm Online
17/07/2024 10am – 12.30pm Online
14/08/2024 2pm – 4.30pm Online
18/09/2024 2pm – 4.30pm Online
09/10/2024 10am – 12.30pm Online
13/11/2024 2pm – 4.30pm Online

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