Customer Commitment

We make your aims our aims

We put our clients’ needs first.  We listen and work with you to tailor our support to suit your team, clients and organisation and to help you find solutions that meet your needs.  All proposals are tailored in response to each client’s specific requirements. All new clients have at least two individual members of the Right Directions team with whom they can speak, in addition to email points of contact.  We review progress on a regular basis, adjust work schedules and interventions in response and do not commit to contracts of longer than one year, to enable real and regular review.


We are knowledgeable and passionate, have our feet on the ground and really care

We are knowledgeable, experienced and passionate.  The team’s qualifications are reviewed annually and we follow a year round CPD, training, mentoring and performance review plan, including three dedicated team training sessions and regular 1-2-1 reviews. We hand pick our individual team members, all with the right experience and personality, who are able to relate to your issues and challenges and really care. We will keep you updated on relevant legislation, industry changes and best practice.  We aim to be grounded, professional and pragmatic and keep our service to you “real”.


We are fair and honest and we treat you with dignity and respect

We aim to be open and transparent in all our dealings with you and promise to treat you with dignity and respect.  We will explain the features and pricing of our services clearly and simply.  We will be straight-talking and offer constructive criticism and praise.  Whilst there may be times we don’t know all the answers, you can be sure we will find them and we will relish learning from them and sharing the new knowledge.


We are on your side and will build a team to support you

We promise to select the team with the knowledge and expertise to best support you and work with you in delivering your aims.  Each Client Lead and Support Manager is selected to suit each client and the work involved.  We are proud to work in partnership with you and see ourselves as integral to your team.  We aim for each of our visits to be enjoyable, worthwhile and fulfilling and we love to celebrate your successes with you.


We make things easy for you

We will make sure you know what to expect at every stage and provide regular reports and updates on your progress.  We won’t sit on the fence and we always use real world, common sense language.  We won’t bamboozle you with technical waffle.  We will give you pragmatic solutions in good time.


We promise to strive for a level of service that exceeds your expectations

We all go the extra mile and always try to add value to everything we do.  We always aim to meet our deadlines and work with our clients to meet yours. We are flexible in our approach and are always willing to adapt our services to suit your business… we are with our clients for the duration!  We never compromise on quality.


We ask for and consider all feedback

We hope Right Directions’ support is something our clients would not like to be without and we continually strive to be even better.  If you think we have fallen short at any time, we want to know – you can be sure we will always listen and work to put it right.  We send a short feedback survey to you after every visit.  We conduct annual client and team surveys.